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OneCommand Preps to Help Dealers Give & Get This Holiday Season

December 01, 2011

Excited Team Works to Support Increased Adoption of Proven Best Practice Recommendations to Promote Goodwill and Drive Additional Holiday Traffic, Revenue and Engagement

Cincinnati, OH — December 1, 2011 — OneCommand (, a leader in multi-channel marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced that it is preparing for a record breaking holiday season in terms of seasonal best practice campaign adoption and the response experienced by its dealer clients. In 2010, OneCommand clients delivered over 4 million holiday greetings to customers, resulting in an average of more than $700K in service revenue and over 70 vehicle sales.

Each month, OneCommand shares a series of seasonal recommendations that are designed and proven to elicit positive consumer response. This year’s holiday collection focuses on ways dealers can give to their customers and their communities at large — whether that giving takes the shape of a simple holiday greeting or a request to contribute to a dealer-sponsored food, toy or winter warmth drive. The response prompted by this kind of outreach, especially during this time of year, is phenomenal and has traditionally translated into significant increases in customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty and an overall deeper customer relationship.

“As the saying goes — ‘tis better to give than to receive — and at OneCommand we embrace this mentality wholeheartedly, especially through the holiday season. As consumers and dealerships continue to face the challenges brought about by our tumultuous economy, the holidays represent a wonderful opportunity for dealerships and their customers to unite and give back. This kind of community outreach and goodwill doesn’t just produce a warm and fuzzy feeling, the tremendous response received translates to sales and service dollars to make for an even better year-end,” commented Jeffrey Hart, OneCommand President & CEO.

Creative ways to reach customers and prospects during a season when distractions are plentiful has become a specialty for the OneCommand team. Included in the December seasonal collection are:

  • Community Toy Drive
  • Winter Warmth Drive
  • Happy Holidays
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Winter Vehicle Prep
  • Happy New Year

In addition, OneCommand provides campaign materials to support all manufacturer-driven, national year-end and holiday programs. Its industry-leading client services team is also available to help dealership clients to customize any preferred holiday campaign and/or template to ensure it is tailored to the most effective channel(s) and customer segment.

“We are excited to set new outreach and ROI records with our dealer clients for the 2011 holiday season. The chance to work together to spread the joy of the season to those less fortunate is a truly rewarding opportunity for the OneCommand team and the thousands of dealer customers we will assist in their efforts,” concluded Hart.

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About OneCommand

OneCommand is a leading provider of integrated and automated, personalized communications designed to streamline workflow, reduce marketing expense and generate superior customer response. Focusing on the delivery of the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel, OneCommand helps its clients realize significant improvements in loyalty and retention, frequency of visit and overall profitability.

Each day the Company delivers millions of personalized communications on behalf of its clients — helping to expand its understanding of consumer behavior and response and extending that knowledge and expertise to make the communications of its clients even more powerful.

OneCommand’s proven, web-based Relationship Performance Marketing Solutions enable customers to leverage the power of their voice through a multitude of channels, including voice messaging, text and mobile messaging, e-mail marketing, live call center services, direct mail and a variety of other streams promoting customer engagement.

By providing a seamless solution for communication from shop to buy to service and repurchase, OneCommand offers the opportunity to coordinate a unified message to customers. This approach, paired with custom automation of timely, relevant and consistent communications, has led to significant reductions in marketing expense and even greater improvements in the customer experience. For more information call 1.800.814.6820, email or visit

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