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OneCommand, an Affinitiv Company, Introduces Redline™ to the Automotive Industry

November 08, 2016

Redline, the next generation of Automotive CRM – designed on a device-responsive, streamlined, easy-to-use platform –helps dealers log more prospects, perform more follow-up, and capture more sales than ever before.

OneCommand (, an Affinitiv company and the leading Customer Marketing & Loyalty Automation Platform™, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, and Social Media Advertising and Reputation Management Solution for auto dealers and OEMs, announced today dealers across the country are upgrading their current CRM solution to Redline, the next generation of HigherGear CRM. After previewing Redline at the NADA Convention and Expo earlier this year, OneCommand is excited to announce the completion of a very successful pilot and to inform members of the automotive industry that Redline is now being deployed to all new and current dealer clients.

Partnering with automotive dealerships to help them reach key performance indicators is what OneCommand has been doing for over a decade, and Redline is the next step in their evolutionary journey. With the current state of today’s automotive marketplace, dealers are facing high employee turnover and limited training time, so CRM solutions must be easy and intuitive. This ease-of-use philosophy is what drove the development of Redline. Users are finding it even easier to do their daily job functions with the streamlined modules and workflows of Redline. Also, Redline is optimized for use on any Windows, Apple, or Android device, making it even easier for users to capture customer information seamlessly and make the selling process natural and fluid, without having to rely on a separate app or sync issues between devices.

“During our pilot release of Redline, the platform’s simplified user interface received an overwhelmingly positive response from dealers. Users can see throughout the platform its cross-device, responsive design, simplified user interface, flattened reporting criteria, friendly tab navigation, and everything in between,” states Jeff Hart, President & CEO at OneCommand, an Affinitiv company. “Dealers who are using Redline are tracking more leads, bringing back more prospects, and closing more sales than ever before. This next generation interface will be held as the undisputed leader in CRM ease of use.”

Dealers who have made the switch to Redline are finding their team is more responsive to prospects with cross-device usage – desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, capturing more accurate information about each lead with easy data entry, being more productive during work hours with detailed to-do lists, and delivering a higher level of customer care. Current HigherGear CRM subscribers switching to Redline are recognizing the platform’s navigational familiarity so migration to the new platform is seamless.

“I’m very happy with Redline. My daily monitoring of six different dealerships’ Internet Departments through the Redline platform has reduced the time it takes me to check the desklog for our sales and BDC teams’ to-do lists by 35%. With Redline, I’m able to have multiple dealership tabs open at the same time and go back and forth throughout the day to easily check stats. Being able to filter mail-ins and SMS-ins with a couple clicks allows me to monitor response time and follow up in a more efficient manner. Moving from the legacy HigherGear platform to Redline was seamless for me,” states Cheryl Pooler, BDC Manager at Bertera Auto Group.

Redline, the next generation CRM, is now available to all automotive dealers. If you’d like to learn more about Redline and how OneCommand has moved 15 years of CRM features and functionality into a modern, mobile first, responsive design, please contact  

About OneCommand (
OneCommand is an Affinitiv company and the industry leader in deploying leading-edge communications, easy-to-use CRM solutions, and social media and reputation technology. Its platform and solutions are proven to increase response rates, drive traffic, lower marketing costs, create accountability, and improve workflow for enrolled dealerships. For more than a decade, OneCommand’s proven platform has been delivering targeted, turn-key, and trigger-based results. Every auto dealership is looking for an advantage. OneCommand is the successful dealer’s secret weapon. 

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