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  • Catch Spring Fever with an Event

    March 13, 2015
    As winter finally comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about how you will attract business for the coming of spring. Whether you’re in a part of the country where consumers have been trapped indoors because of the extremely harsh winter, or not, spring makes people want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. You can capitalize on this need for sunshine and fresh air and help customers and prospects catch spring fever with an event at your dealership. Here are three tips to help you get started. Read More
  • Catch Spring Fever with St. Patrick's Day

    March 06, 2015
    Ok, so I’ll admit it. It’s pretty hard to think about spring with the looming winter season still abundantly here. But you can’t deny the idea that green grass, flowers, and warm weather entices you to think about the spring season ahead. The month of March presents a great opportunity for you to help your customers catch spring fever. This week’s campaign idea is all about promoting your dealership and driving traffic by leveraging St. Patrick’s Day. Read More
  • Rev Up Your 2015 with a Trusted Local SEO Ranking

    February 27, 2015
    We live in a world where most sentences end with, “Let me Google it.” Information is readily available at our fingertips and consumers are leveraging online research for any major purchase decision. With the help of the internet, consumers are getting smarter and smarter about their vehicle of choice and vehicle services needs including options and price before ever stepping foot into a dealership. In fact, in recent years, these internet-savvy buyers have switched their vehicle research methods to find information through local search, consumer review sites, and social media. These consumers are looking for comments, likes, and reviews about a specific manufacturer’s vehicles and which local dealership to buy from or where to service their vehicle. If they can’t find your dealership through these methods or you have a bad online reputation, they are turning to your competition for their vehicle needs. Today, we are going to focus on local SEO, also known as local search, and how to improve your dealership’s ranking to make sure you are being found by potential buyers. Read More
  • Rev Up Your 2015 with Service Traffic

    February 20, 2015
    A cold wave is sweeping the nation! People everywhere are experiencing colder weather than in recent years. You can leverage these freezing temperatures to promote services at your dealership. Check out these three ways to rev up your 2015 with service related campaign ideas. Read More
  • Rev Up Your 2015 with Heart Month

    February 13, 2015
    Did you know February is American Heart Month? Or that diseases of the heart are the number one killer in America? This February, leverage American Heart Month to drive customers and prospects to your door. Today you’ll learn three ways to raise awareness in your community and rev up your 2015. Read More
  • Rev Up Your 2015 with Presidents' Day

    February 06, 2015
    We all know Presidents’ Day weekend is a great time to move vehicle inventory. Have you decided how you will communicate with customers and prospects about the vehicle inventory on your lot? Have you decided if you’ll draw customers and prospects into your store with a unique offer or customer appreciation event? Today I’ll share three topics to include in your Presidents’ Day marketing. Read More